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Sure-Fi Wireless Wiegand Bridge

The Sure-Fi wiegand bridge is a wireless adapter that works for any wiegand protocol. The Sure-Fi uses 900mhz and has a range of 50 miles line-of-sight and up to 1 mile with obstructions. With one wiegand input, two relay outputs, one Request-to-Exit input and one auxiliary input this bridge is a fit for almost every application.


Access Distribution Centre is now a Click2Enter Certified Distributor. Click2Enter systems provide a quick, silent and secure way for Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue personnel to get into your property. The C2E scanner / receiver technology provides a secure means of entry by eliminating the possibility of unauthorized entry. The system will hold up to 100 radio frequencies to allow for multiple agencies to gain access through the same device. You can also keep track of who has accessed using the on board activation log.